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Revolutionary solar control glass from arcon

Glass manufacturer arcon heralds a new era in solar control glass, with its sunbelt A70, A60, A50 and A40 coatings. From now on, these four coatings are all you need to cover an entire building's solar control glazing requirements. "This really is a revolution, and we are restructuring our previous comprehensive range of solar control products to ...

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New Animal Enclosure gives Visitors a “Safari Feeling”

In the privately owned zoo, Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari, on Jutland’s Djursland Peninsula these 1.5 meter long leopards can now be seen in a specially designed 1,500 m² enclosure. In 2012, this special enclosure for Chinese leopards was created to closely resemble the natural habitat of these big cats and also to blend in with the local landscape. ...

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The hanging gardens of Bavaria

Three vertical trellises, upon which vigorous vines climb upwards, and gradually transform the passage into a green oasis, set the extraordinary scene. They are fixed in height by the stainless steel cables stretching between the parts of the building. As a result, this iconic office building not far from Munich’s Bavaria Statue, combines ...

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