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arcon Invests 1.6 Million Euros in its Feuchtwangen Facility

New Production Line for LSG

arcon manufactures laminated safety glass (LSG) at its facility in Feuchtwangen, Germany. And here, over 1.6 Million Euros were invested in its LSG production line – thereby consolidating all of its production operations under one roof. Aside from its LSG sheeting, here arcon also produces single-pane safety glass and semi-tempered glass, as well as finishing, printing, and coating its entire glass product spectrum. Thanks to this new investment, arcon can now offer customers enhanced flexibility, shorter transport links, and significantly improved production times.

For arcon’s Managing Director, Dr. Bernhard Söder, one thing is clear: “Our new LSG production line is a vote of confidence in our Feuchtwangen operations and provides our customers with significant benefits.” Recently, the production area was also expanded to roughly 1,000.00 m². This now allows them to produce large format, single-pane safety glass (SSG) with a maximum width of 2.60 m and a length of 5.0 m, as well as producing laminated safety glass which is up to 100 mm thick – all of which uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology

Creating Five Additional Jobs

With the new LSG production line, up to ten sheets of SSG each having a thickness of 10 mm can now be laminated together. Between each glass sheet, an extremely thin but exceptionally tough special film is applied, which is then baked in an autoclave oven at 140° C, under 13 bars of pressure for up to 8 hours. “Naturally, this entire process demands plenty of know-how to ensure the highest quality of our products. Plus, the new operations have let us create five additional jobs,” adds Dr. Söder.

All Key Manufacturing Operations – Under One Roof

In Feuchtwangen, arcon produces SSG and semi-tempered glass, while also performing its finishing, printing and coating operations. arcon’s plant manager, Alois Schafhausen, comments: “With our new LSG production line, we can now combine all of our key manufacturing operations – under one roof. And that gives us added flexibility, minimizes transport needs and shortens our production times.”

The new LSG production line will also be used for special customer-specific applications using arcon’s four new sunscreen coatings: Sunbelt A70, A60, A50 and A40 – combining safety with architectural esthetics and opening new design possibilities. Added to all that, laminated safety glass is unusually strong and depending on its technical specifications it can even be classified as bullet-proof or puncture-resistant. In the event of damage however, the glass sheeting also remains in place seeing individual pieces of broken glass are secured by the special laminating film – thereby dramatically reducing the risk of serious injury.


arcon offers a wide range of innovative magnetron coatings for all types of glass: from float glass to laminated glass, as well as colored glass and various types of single-pane safety glass.

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