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The Summit of Energy Efficiency

arcon’s Sunscreen Glass chosen for an Innovative Sustainability Project in Germany’s Berchtesgaden National Park

The Berchtesgaden National Park is Germany’s only high alpine nature reserve, covering 210 square kilometers. Aside from promoting environmental protection in this unique southeastern Bavarian region, environmental research and information is offered to visitors interested in the local flora and fauna. The Bavarian government invested 15 million euros in an environmental information center too, known as “House of the Mountains / Haus der Berge”. Here, special sunscreen glass from arcon is being used to enhance the building energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Now everyone can experience the fascinating world of the high Alps by visiting the new “House of the Mountains”, covering 17,000 m², and enjoy stunning panoramas of the surrounding Watzmann mountains. Here, the building’s large windows offer not only great views – they also use special glass sheeting that is exceptionally energy efficient. In this way, the national park’s new visitor center serves as both a forum for environmental education as well as a prime example for sustainable building. Especially interesting here is the facade’s minimalist design, which gives the appearance of a simple natural shelter using a wood construction – complemented by arcon’s glass sheeting. The impressive glass facade was installed by Walter Technik & Metallbau in Crimmitschau, while its high-quality glass components were provided by arcon’s licensed partner Energy Glas Wolfhagen.

arcon’s Special Glass Makes It Possible: The Southern Facade

With its subdued blue reflection, arcon’s glass sheeting blends in perfectly with the Alp’s naturally setting. Both the northern and southern facades of the building use this glass, known as “arcon Sunbelt Scandic”, while the building’s other sides use brown-toned metal sheeting. This sunscreen glass also gives the building high-grade thermal insulation with a g-value of 25% and it eliminates the need for expensive supplementary sunscreens or energy intensive air-conditioning systems. Technically, this glass sheeting has a transparency rating of 53%, covering a surface area of 1,000 m² with triple-pane “arcon N33” insulated glass, and has an impressive Ug-value of 0.6.

According to Joachim Herrmann, Interior Minister, during the opening ceremonies in Berchtesgaden: “’The House of the Mountains’ is a prime example for contemporary, energy efficient, sustainable design and regional building.”

arcon glas offers a wide range of magnetron coatings for all types of glass: from float glass to laminated glass, as well as colored glass and various types of single pane safety glass.

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